Finger Lakes SPCA: Cat Bruce is extra pleasant than bossy | Life

Question: What is your favorite toy?

ON. One of my homeless people brought this totally amazing and crazy little thing that runs around a million miles an hour here. It looks like a winged beetle if you can imagine. Every now and then it runs under one of the condos and gets stuck and someone has to rescue it. I have so much fun following it. The little bug thing is my favorite toy right now.

Question: If you could have a job, what would it be?

ON. You may not know this, but I’m named for Bruce Springsteen – the boss! Not many people do, but that is a fact. So my ideal job would be to be out with Bruce and be a roadie! I could be a “street cat” and ride the bus with all the other guys! Yes, being a roadie for the boss would be my ideal job.

Question: What was your worst experience?

ON. I’m a half-full glass cat so I view all experiences as potential learning experiences. On that basis, I have nothing to say to you on this subject. Thank you for your request.

Question: If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?

ON. After a long search, I discovered Kuching, Malaysia, also known as the city of cats and the city that cats built! I could visit the cat museum and enjoy a catnip at the Meow Meow Cat Café. I read that every place you look there are statues of cats. I hope to be able to convince my new family that we need to visit this absolutely fantastic place. Google it!

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