Finest merchandise for cat well being and wellness in 2020

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  • Proactive daily grooming can prevent a cat from developing digestive, urinary, and dental problems later in life.
  • To support a cat’s health and well-being, they need healthy food, as well as physical and mental enrichment, including play and scratching, to prevent boredom and obesity.
  • This article was written by Dr. Karie Johnson, veterinarian and co-founder of VIP Vet Visit, a mobile veterinary service based in the southern suburbs of Chicago.
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A cat’s health is closely related to its quality of life. The more enrichment cats have day after day, the more physically and mentally resilient they are likely to be year after year. Enrichment includes the ability to practice natural, instinctive behaviors such as chasing, chasing, and scratching.

Combine these things with quality nutrition, preventative health measures like brushing your teeth and fur, and stress-free decisions about going to the toilet and resting, and you have the building blocks necessary for a lifetime of good cat health.

Under the direction of two veterinarians from Banfield Pet Hospital in Vancouver, Washington – Dr. Andrea Sanchez and Heidi Cooley – we’ve narrowed down what cat owners can do to keep their cat in good health for a lifetime. The products in this article target common mental and physical ailments, from digestive and urinary health to stress and boredom.

Here are 20 products to help keep your cat healthy and well-being: