Finest CBD Oil For Cats: 6 Finest Merchandise

In the past few years, CBD products have become one of the fastest growing natural supplements on the market. Not only are these products designed to improve the lives of people all over the world, but CBD companies have set up shop and offer pet products too! That’s right – your furry four-legged friend can reap the benefits of CBD as well.

Research has shown that cats, like humans, have endocannabinoid systems with CBD receptors. This means that CBD products like tinctures can be helpful in relieving anxiety and pain that often affects older kittens.

Whether you have a kitten or a cat that is getting up in old age, having CBD oil on hand can be a lifesaver. With a few drops throughout the day, your cat will feel better than ever!

Here are six of the best CBD oils made specifically for cats.

Verma Farms CBD cat oil will make your cat feel happy and healthy. This natural-flavored tincture is designed to appeal to even the most picky of cats and offers a chicken-flavored flavor that your cat will want more about.

In addition to the broad spectrum CBD extract, this tincture also contains MCT oil to improve digestibility. These high-quality ingredients are the ideal combination to promote rest, relaxation and physical well-being.

Each bottle of this award-winning CBD oil contains 150 mg of broad spectrum CBD extract with a serving of 5 mg. Just put a few drops in your cat’s mouth or mix it with wet or dry food.

Another household name in the CBD industry is Penguin. While this brand doesn’t have a dedicated line of pet products, their human-grade CBD oil can be safely dispensed to cats. Penguin CBD Oil is made from Oregon hemp and contains the highest quality broad spectrum oil that is 100% THC free.

In addition to premium CBD extract, penguin CBD oil is also made from terpenes and MCT oil. Terpenes offer a wide range of health benefits, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, and can even reduce muscle spasms.

Although different flavors and dosages are available, we recommend the natural flavor along with the 250 mg strength. Since most cats weigh less than 20 pounds, 250 mg is enough for your cat to feel the effects.

Evn CBD is a notable name in the CBD industry, and while there aren’t any products specifically designed for cats, the brand’s natural CBD oil is sure to promote your cat’s health and wellbeing. This tincture is said to promote calm and relaxation so that your cat can be calm and collected even in a new environment.

Evn CBD CBD oil contains 500 mg of broad spectrum CBD per bottle. Some of the other main benefits are:

Not genetically modified
Gluten free
Laboratory tested

With no additives or preservatives, this is a product that you can fully rely on to improve your furry friend’s wellbeing.

One of the brand’s latest creations is the Purrfect Feline Formula. This CBD oil is made from the finest NASC certified hemp from the United States, which contains detectable levels of CBN, CBG, and CBC, as well as cannabinoids that are beneficial for health. Feline Formula also contains several high quality oils, including sardine and vegetable oils.

Austin and Kat even took a step forward by including two powerful botanicals in each bottle of Feline Formula to improve support. Cranberries promote a healthy urinary tract and at the same time support kidney function. Astaxanthin promotes eye function and cognitive health.

Feline Formula provides the ideal proportions to make your cat feel fantastic both physically and mentally.

Innovet CBD Oil for Cats is all natural, 100% organic and is tested for purity, quality and effectiveness. This tincture is made from 100% full-spectrum golden hemp oil and MCT oil for the ultimate combination of oils to keep your kitten feeling great.

The CBD extract used in this tincture is grown and harvested from hemp plants in Oregon and Colorado. This extract is rich in natural terpenes and other cannabinoids that provide the full entourage effect. It is not genetically modified and consists of additives or preservatives.

Innovet CBD Oil for Cats is available in two different strengths including 125 mg for cats under 20 pounds and 250 mg for cats over 20 pounds.

Honest Paws is a brand dedicated to developing CBD products for pets, including cats! Your hemp oil for cats has been specially formulated to promote well-being from the inside out. As cats get older, their immune systems slow down. This leaves them feeling more tired, nervous and unable to settle down like they used to.

Wellness hemp oil contains full-spectrum hemp, which supports your cat’s immune function. Your cat will become calmer and more relaxed. This tincture can even improve brain function.

Honest Paws Hemp Oil was developed with your cat’s health in mind and does not contain soy, corn, GMOs or other contaminants that could negatively affect your cat’s health. This product is also tested for purity and potency.

Tips for giving your cat CBD oil

Now that you know some of the best CBD oils for cats, the next step is to figure out how to administer the oil to your cat along with an appropriate dosage.

While there is no set dose for cats, the recommended dose is 2-4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds. This amount is twice the recommended amount for dogs, but this is because cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors. So it takes double the amount to experience the real side effects.

If your cat has never been given CBD oil, start with the lowest possible dose and increase it within a few weeks. If you start with a low dose and gradually increase it over time, you can see exactly how the oil is affecting your cat. This makes it a lot easier to determine the true sweet spot dose.

When it comes to giving your cat CBD oil, there are several ways you can explore them. The quickest, but not always easiest, way to give CBD oil to your furry family member is to put it in your cat’s mouth so that it is immediately swallowed. However, we all know how tenacious cats can be. For some pet owners, this option may be impossible.

Another administration method to consider is adding a few drops of oil to your cat’s food. This works best if your cat is eating wet food as the CBD oil is masked and shouldn’t be noticed by your cat.

CBD oil is a great option for cats of all ages. While there is much more to be learned about CBD and its effects on cats, the current research is extremely positive. CBD can reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis side effects, urinary tract health, and general well-being.

If you give your cat a good quality CBD oil, you are sure to see a huge improvement! There is nothing like a calm, carefree cat who is comfortable and, most importantly, happy.

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