Find out your dog’s breed mix and genetic history for only $59.99

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Our furry companions are more than just friends, they are members of our family. Not all dogs we adopt are pure breeds with long genealogies, most of the time we barely know what they are! If you want a better understanding of your dog’s genetic history for health reasons or just out of curiosity, you should try the all-in-one DNA test to identify my breed of dog for only $ 59.99. As a bonus, you get the Sharon Bolt Dog Training Bundle at no extra charge.

The All-In-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is the best home DNA identification test currently available with the ease of use and detailed reporting you want in a DNA test. Simply use the sterile applicator to swab the inside of your pup’s cheek for a DNA sample, then submit the sample for a detailed report, which will be sent to you within two weeks!


Your canine DNA report covers everything you need to know about your pet’s genetic makeup: DNA composition, breed mix, common genetic issues, and even personality traits! Not only do you get to know your four-legged family better, you also know what to look out for in old age.

With 4 out of 5 stars after nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon, the folks at DNA My Dog have a real winner with this kit. One 5-star rating stated, “When I got the report back, I was stunned. It was so spot on! And there was a little hint of a breed that I had never heard of, but when I Googled it I could totally see the influence. The report also includes traits of each race identified, and much of it was just like our cute rescue girl! “

Get the Breed Identification Kit from DNA My Dog for just $ 59.99 and the Sharon Bolt Dog Training Bundle is free! However, this deal won’t last long so act fast!


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