Find out what your dog is allergic to with this test kit

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We love our dogs. And we want them to be healthy. But we don’t always know what bothers them or what they are allergic to. Since we can’t just ask our dogs “what’s going on,” it’s up to us to figure out how we can help. The My Pet Kit Allergy Test can help you find answers to skin rashes, digestive problems and ailments from your pets. And it’s available as one of our pre-Black Friday doorbusters for just $ 64.99.

Use this kit to discover your dogs’ unique intolerances and sensitivities so you can give them the food, environment and treatment they need. This kit is designed from the ground up to measure the proteins in your dogs’ saliva sample to identify around 100 of the most common allergens they may be reacting to.


Designed to save you time and money on veterinary bills, the kit is an easy way to find out about your dogs’ health and sensitivity. If your dogs are struggling with specific issues, or if you just want to check if they are allergic to common foods or household items, this kit is for you.

Their results include an analysis of 100 food and environmental items that pets may be allergic to. It also gives you a list of groceries and household products to avoid, including laundry and cleaning products and tobacco. Use this kit to maximize your dogs’ comfort, safety, and health.

Pet owners / parents who have used the My Pet Kit allergy test report finding unexpected answers to their dogs’ symptoms, such as itchy fur. L. McMillon of Austin, Texas wrote: “Lincoln was used as the test dog for the allergy test. We didn’t think he was allergic to anything. It turned out to be reactive to yogurt and other dairy products. Good to know!”


Discover the possible cause of some of your dogs’ problems with the Allergy Test My Pet Kit. For our pre-Black Friday doorbuster sale, it’s dropped from $ 99 to $ 64.99, making the process even more affordable. Give your dogs the care and attention they deserve with this helpful test kit!

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