Ferocious Dog urge fans to dig deep in aid of Combat Stress spearheaded with £5,000 donation from Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund

Ferocious Dog will play at Real Time Live in Chesterfield on October 13th, 2021.

The band will play at Real Time Live in Chesterfield on Wednesday October 13th, two days before the release of their fifth studio album, The Hope.

With the release of The Hope’s second single, Broken Soldier, Ferocious Dog aims to raise money and raise awareness for Combat Stress, the UK’s leading veteran mental health charity. For over a century, Combat Stress has been helping ex-military personnel with mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

Ferocious Dog are asking people to donate wherever they can to www.combatstress.org.uk to help out our veterans. You are donating £ 5,000 from the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund.

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Former soldier Lee, 24, took his own life in 2012 after an army friend died in a battle in Afghanistan.

Lee’s father, Ken Bonsall, the front man of Ferocious Dog, said, “After we lost Lee and established his Memorial Fund, our ambition was if we could save a veteran or family from suffering the pain and distress we are have suffered, then we would have achieved our goal. “

The lyrics to Broken Soldier were written by Ken’s good friend Andrew Hawkins, who knew Lee, and Ferocious Dog hope this song will help veterans with PTSD come up and get the help they need.

An accompanying video directed by Justin Griffiths won the European Film Festival’s Jury Diamond Award for Best Short Music Video in August 2021.

Ferocious Dog raise money for Combat Stress with the song Broken Soldier, which is their second single from the upcoming new album The Hope.

Violinist Dan Booth said, “This album was like no other Ferocious Dog album. Covid accidentally left us the time and creativity not only to write the album but also to spend more time recording it than we ever had before. This, along with the signing of our first record deal with Graphite Records, has allowed The Hope to reach its full potential and we can’t wait to bring it to the world. “

Ken said, “I would say that Ferocious Dog is a different animal on the recordings for The Hope album. I think we have perfected our ability to produce a masterpiece of an album. Maturity runs through this album from start to finish and the attention to detail is evident in the production.

“We have released four great albums over the years of being an independent band without a contract and pulled out all the stops as we are now signed to Graphite Records.

Ferocious Dog are looking forward to unleashing their latest music at live gigs (Photo: Graham Whitmore).

“This album meets all the criteria.”

The Hope tracks include the ubiquitous traditional cover, this time starring Hazel O’Connor for Will You. Along with the latest single, the album irresistibly flows through stories from historical observations to snappy comments on the dire straits the world is facing today. The songs follow a roller coaster ride of pace and mood that will get you to mosh for a moment before giving you a moment to think.

Ferocious Dog have a new album to promote when they play at Real Time Live in Chesterfield.Ferocious Dog are known for their lively appearances.

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