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Both the Berkshire Humane Society and the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter are capacities for cats. They are looking for adoptive parents for the cats they have before they can accept further surrenders.Image descriptionImage descriptionImage description

Snickers loves to be petted and cuddled and to get all the attention she can get.

PITTSFIELD, Massachusetts – Are you looking for a feline friend? Look no further than Pittsfield animal shelters.

Both the Berkshire Humane Society and Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter have a variety of cats available for adoption, from large to small, young to old, and short-haired to fluffy.

Both facilities currently have a waiting list to drop off cats due to the large number of cats in the house, and there are some well-respected seniors who are looking for permanent homes.

“Many of these animals come through no fault of their own,” said Catherine Hibbard, the company’s marketing and communications manager.

Circumstances such as the death of an owner or the inability to care for the animal and a change in life situation can lead to a furry friend entering the shelter.

“We have a lot of great cats right now, we really do,” added cat inspector Jenn Zartowski. “All are like perfect.”

Older cats – or cats over the age of 7 – are overlooked, although they may have years of their lives ahead of them.

iBerkshires met some available shelter cats to hear their stories, give them some pets, and show the community what the local shelters have to offer.

Available for adoption by the Berkshire Humane Society:

Cole, the 11-year-old domestic cat shorthair tiger, is called “the most perfect cat” by the shelter staff and described by its previous owner as the “cutest cat in the world”. He was brought to the shelter in April and has a clean health certificate. Cole will also appear in Steve Caporizzo’s “Pet Connection” on News10.

Jerry is a midnight black 2 year old domestic long hair mix who arrived as a stray in April. He’s on the smaller side of the medium-weight term and is very friendly. Not only is Jerry calm, he also has a clean health record.

Creed, the black and white native shorthair mix, was brought to the shelter in May due to circumstances beyond his control. He took care of children aged 10 and over and got on well with a dog. An energetic and curious cat, Creed has no health problems and weighs around 12 pounds.

Garfield and Reptar are a married couple who came to the shelter in June because their owner passed away. They are 2 years old and are orange native medium hair and native short hair mixes.

Garfield has longer fur and Reptarian shorter fur, which is due to the fact that female mother cats can have multiple partners and often have a litter of kittens with different characteristics. The shelter wants to adopt the duo together.

Another sibling, Cassie and Charlie, have essentially grown up at the shelter since May. The 4 month old kittens are both native shorthair mixes with tabby and white spots. They are considered special needs as they require a wet food diet, but that doesn’t stop them from being playful and curious companions.

Unfortunately the siblings had a previous adoptive who failed.

Available for adoption by Eleanor Sonsini:

Pootie is a 14 year old orange and white househusband with medium hair who takes some time to get used to new attitudes, but when he does he’s the cutest companion. Its previous owners had to hand it over two months ago after moving into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.

Pootie is on a special diet, and the shelter staff is asking potential adopters to give him time to get used to a new home. He’s been around children and the shelter is unaware of his relationship with other animals.

Beaufort is a 9 year old Siamese mixed breed who recently arrived at the shelter due to adjustments in his previous household. He loves catnip and, despite his senior title, is a curious cat. Beaufort also has noticeably blue eyes due to its breed.

Snickers, the 7-year-old tabby White House Shorthair cat, has been at the shelter for quite some time, despite her loving and extremely friendly demeanor. She was adopted for a short time but returned within the shelter’s 14-day trial period for reasons beyond her fault.

Snickers is eye catching and she knows it. She loves to be petted and cuddled and to get every attention she gets.

Adoption from local animal shelters is directly helping them rescue pets in the area and give them new homes. Both the Humane Society and Eleanor Sonsini accept donations of food, relief supplies and money to continue working for local animals.