feedback on vaccination resignations, abused dog & back to school

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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Lewis County General Hospital will be giving birth to babies after the 24th. Most of your feedback this week will be about:

Good for you. Stand up and don’t let the state or management bully you.

John Brown

This is a good decision for expectant mothers and their babies. Why go to a hospital that is manned by pathetically ignorant “health professionals”?

Alison Chapman

If hospital workers are against vaccination regulations, that should tell people something. They are more knowledgeable about medical issues than people who do not work in the medical field.

Evelyn Biondolillo

If you don’t care enough about your patients to get them vaccinated, what are you doing in the healthcare sector?

Rick papin

Stabbed, slashed and burned. Police say someone’s dog was deliberately injured in Watertown and they want to know who did it:

Anyone who would intentionally harm an animal is a sociopath and it won’t be long before they start hurting people if they haven’t already.

Michelle Hayden

I really hope the monster who did this is caught and punished.

Charles Blake

For many in the north of the country, it was the first day of school last week. For some it was the first time since March 2020 that everyone was back in the school building:

Happy that the children are back at school. They have to be there.

Jamie Bennett

I give it 2 weeks before they close.

Larry Deets sr.

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