Federal Way police rescue 5 malnourished dogs living in ‘squalid’ conditions

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Photo from the federal road police authority

Five dogs found to be severely malnourished were recently rescued from a home by the Animal Services Unit of the Federal Way Police Department.

Several people called 911 to report three dogs running free near 30500 11th Avenue South, saying the dogs all looked unhealthy and lethargic.

An animal service officer located the dogs and found the dogs and said they were “severely malnourished, arid and covered in dirt”.

The owners handed over two of these dogs but refused to give up the remaining one. A search warrant was issued on her home and the remaining dog was found along with two others. All of these dogs are said to be malnourished and live in “wretched conditions”.

The three dogs found in the house that were not given up have been placed in foster families while the owners are being prosecuted.

All five dogs were taken to a veterinarian for examination and treatment. You couldn’t walk and had to be transferred to an emergency veterinary clinic.

The animal welfare department said the owners had been implicated in previous cases of animal cruelty. They were sent to prison because of animal cruelty arrest warrants in other areas.

Animal Services Officers are coordinating with other jurisdictions to prevent owners from owning any animals while all legal proceedings are pending against them.

“No animal should experience such misery. We are proud of our Animal Service Department, which directly addresses the horrors of animal abuse. The sights, sounds and smells of abuse cases weigh heavily on our employees and we hope the sadness will go away as we know the dogs are no longer experiencing such dire conditions, “Federal Way Police wrote on Facebook.

The two dogs, who have volunteered, will be put up for adoption by the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce Counties once they have recovered and regained their health.

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