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SAN DIEGO, January 5, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Explora BioLabs, the nation’s largest provider of preclinical vivarium research rooms, recently added a new attending veterinarian to oversee its national network of AAALAC-accredited in vivo facilities for preclinical rodent research needs.

DR. Kathy Hardcastle has over 16 years experience leading an in vivo research program and attending veterinarian in laboratories in the US, UK and Australia. Her regulatory experience includes GLP, FDA, AAALAC accreditation, DEA, NIH guidelines, and more. Most recently she was director of Vivores Life Science Consulting, director of the Animal Resources Center and attending veterinarian at Montana State University, and the director of animal research services at National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories (NEIDL), Boston University. Her responsibilities include managing and overseeing Explora BioLabs’ veterinary services and statewide regulatory compliance teams.

“Recently, there has been a need for faster, more robust responses in the scientific research community,” said Hardcastle. “Explora BioLabs’ full programmatic support is something I’m passionate about: working with research partners and sharing the burden to produce scientifically strong, repeatable results. We all want high quality research with the highest standards of care that these Mission supported and I look forward to continuing this with Explora BioLabs. “

“We are pleased, Dr. Hardcastle to our team, ”said Brandy Wilkinson, Ph.D., Vice President of Operations and Research at Explora BioLabs. “It is important to Explora’s mission and service commitment that we add high level experts in the preclinical in vivo area, from postdoctoral research experts to seasoned Vivaria operations managers. Dr. Hardcastle — adding ‘Kath’ to our team “brings in deep veterinary expertise both in large animal enclosures and in the management of facilities with the highest biological safety precautions. I am confident that she will be a great role model for our employees and an incredible resource for our fast growing customer base. “

About Explora BioLabs

Explora BioLabs provides Ph.D.-based Vivarium-as-a-ServiceTM solutions in the form of preclinical vivarium, compliance, housing and research services. Explora’s contract-ready vivariums host over 100 customers in a network of nearly 20 facilities in San Francisco, San Diego, and Boston. Explora manages dozens of additional facilities for OnSite customers who have their own existing vivarium but prefer to simply leverage Explora’s experience in vivarium management and regulatory oversight. Explora’s preclinical CRO team at each biotech market center serves the study design and delivery needs of customers who choose to outsource preclinical study work in oncology, metabolism, toxicology, pain, and a variety of other general therapeutic areas.

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