EXCLUSIVE: Questioning what to feed your cat within the summers? An professional opines

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Most cats lose up to 15 percent of their appetite in summer because they use less energy in summer to maintain their body temperature and therefore need less food.

If you are a cat owner, do you have a lot to say about your cat’s eating habits? Their favorite food, their least favorite food, whoever they entrust their food to, do they like being hand-fed, or are they independent eaters. Do they visit different homes for their specific food supplies than their owner’s?

Most cats lose up to 15% of their appetite in the summer because they use less energy to maintain their body temperature in the summer and therefore need less food. Summers are here and most likely your cat has developed a different appetite to beat the heat. Pet parents are used to their cats rubbing their legs or banging their heads against those of their pet parents and being very vocal when hungry. In general, if you’ve observed, most cattos like to eat small meals spread out throughout the day, which actually helps maintain their normal body weight.

Cats need a high-fat, high-protein diet containing certain animal nutrients all year round. However, this diet cannot work in the summer. But what about their water intake? Cats are known to be bad drinkers, and it’s even more important to make sure they get extra water intake during the scorching summers. Most pet parents swear by a ratio of 60% wet food to 40% dry food that will work for their cats in their diet. It is best to choose a diet that is lighter and more fluid. Whether you give your cat dry food from one of the popular brands or wet food along with homemade food every now and then, make sure you stick to a water-rich food diet during the summer. Cats are also prone to heat stroke, although they can handle the heat a little better than dogs. Here is a list of foods to feed your cats in the summer to keep them hydrated and add the necessary nutrients to their diet:

Spinach & rice

Make a puree of spinach and boiled rice in a 1: 4 ratio and add water to get a slightly moist base. Spinach is high in vitamins but should be avoided to give to cats with kidney or urinary problems.

Boiled eggs without yolks with boiled rice / peeled boiled barley

Eggs are high in protein and should be given cooked to cats. Smashed egg whites soaked in rice and chicken broth can make a perfect, balanced meal for cats. The consistency can be sauce-like.

Buttermilk, Quark & ​​Rice / Peeled Boiled Barley

A mix of these will help keep cats hydrated. Buttermilk works like a natural probiotic, just like curd cheese. Rice is an easily digestible carbohydrate and a good source of energy.

Watermelon treats for cats

Watermelons are filled with water content and iron and can be fed as a treat for cats, but without seeds. Any melon, even sugar melon, can only be given to cats after they have been pitted. Just make sure you feed these fruits in moderation as they contain sugar.

Chicken broth ice cubes

Boil the chicken with water to make a thick broth and add a couple of chicken schnitzel to this mixture. Do not add salt or pepper to this mixture. Once it cools, pour in ice cube trays and freeze it deeply. After two hours you can feed your cats the ice cubes.

Food to avoid giving your cats anything in the summer

Heat producing meats like lamb, game, goat meat or even fatty fish like tuna

Grains, wheat, oats, and ragi are also hot

Advice from veterinarians

Try feeding your cat regular dry food along with some extra water. This helps increase hydration. Alternatively, you can also feed your cats dry food with wet food.

Summers can be tough, but you can make them comfortable and easy for your kitten by making some changes in their diet and making sure they don’t get dehydrated.

Make sure they don’t go overboard with their sunbathing and stay in the shade or indoors during the peak sunny hours.

Only feed your pets the above foods in moderation after consulting your veterinarian. Also, find out about additional dietary supplements for your cats. Stay inside, enjoy a cuddle time with your cats and watch the summers fade away.

About the Author: By Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO of Wiggles.in

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