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NEWARK, Del., September 2, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Exam Master Corporation, developer and publisher of the Physician Assistant College Admissions Test (PA-CAT), is pleased to announce the exclusive sponsorship of a new, high-yielding PA-CAT test prep resource developed by Rosh Review . Because of its reputation for supporting PA education and aspiring PAs, Rosh Review was selected by the Exam Master as the only officially recognized developer of a question and answer database resource to help aspiring PAs prepare for the challenging PA-CAT. “We have long known that Rosh Review has a good reputation in the PA community and that they would create a quality product,” said Jim Pearson, CEO of the Exam Masters. “We wanted to make sure PA-CAT candidates had a combination of free study and premium resources to help them do their best on this important exam,” said Pearson. “We believed Rosh would be a good partner for both the quality of her work and her ability to develop a resource that will benefit PA-CAT candidates this year.”

Rosh Review’s PA-CAT test preparation resource is designed to complement the existing free PA-CAT study resources available through Exam Masters by helping PA-CAT candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses across the nine in the PA -CAT to precisely identify subjects treated. The Rosh Review Qbank then enables candidates to close these knowledge gaps with practical questions, detailed explanations, instructional images and a personal analysis dashboard. “As a company that specializes in test preparation and electronic testing, we know that detailed explanations, enhanced with images and graphical content, can really solidify learning,” said Pearson. “The Rosh product contains very thorough explanations that will help candidates better understand the sophisticated concepts of the PA-CAT.”

The PA-CAT test prep question bank is available for custom subscription directly through Rosh Review. https://www.roshreview.com/pa-cat/. Additional study and information resources for active or potential PA-CAT candidates are available from the Exam Master. https://www.pa-cat.com/preparing-for-the-pa-cat/

About exam master:

Exam Master has successfully supported students, educators, and practitioners in the health care professions for over 20 years by providing high quality technology and content-based resources that support the entire life cycle of their education, training, and career. This includes pre-enrollment and pre-enrollment resources for new students; Online testing, study and review systems for students and faculty; and expanded resources for preparing for boards, licenses, and certification exams for practitioners. As the publisher of PA-CAT, Exam Master aims to help PA programs gain a better understanding of the academic preparation of their applicants. More information is available at http://www.exammaster.org, http://www.pa-cat.com.

About Rosh Review:

Rosh Review is a leading global provider of educational content, online learning tools, and data analytics for physicians, PAs, and nurses, as well as program development and management. We create high quality educational content, perform rating analysis and deliver it through a user-friendly interface. Please visit www.roshreview.com for more information.

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Jim Pearson, Examination Master, +1 (610) 247-0251, jpearson@exammaster.com

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