Ex-con accused of utilizing cat to assault 73-year-old Florida man

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A 56-year-old ex-cheater was arrested Monday after beating her 73-year-old male buddy with a cat after a police fight in Largo, Florida.

Wendi Hird “threw (the couple’s cat) on the victim’s face, causing the cat to scratch the victim’s face,” according to an affidavit filed in Pinellas County.

Hird is also accused of hitting the alleged victim right on the left side of his face. Cops said the victim also had visible injuries to his right knee and foot.

According to the report, Hird refused to speak after reading her rights. At the time of the alleged incident around midnight, there was also an unspecified “reference” to drug and alcohol consumption. No weapons were confiscated.

The Smoking Gun reports that Hird, whose rap sheet contains battery and prostitution, spent five years in prison following a 2005 conviction for beating a police officer. She had previously escaped from police custody for a year.