EveryCat Health Foundation’s contributions to veterinary medicine

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In a dvm360® interview, Steve Dale, CABC, described his role as a board member of the EveryCat Health Foundation and outlined some of the organization’s remarkable achievements in the veterinary field.

During an interview at the New York Veterinary Conference in New York, New York, Steve Dale, CABC, EveryCat Health Foundation highlighted the achievements in veterinary medicine that the organization funded and shared how veterinarians can contribute to a good cause.

Check out the video below for the full discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Steve Dale, CABC: I’ve been a board member of the Winn Feline Foundation – now called the EveryCat Health Foundation – for many years. If you’ve ever treated a cat, seen a cat, [or] know a cat – everything about this cat was once funded by this organization …[For example], nobody knew what the right amount was [of taurine in cat food] was back in the day and cats got sick [and] die as a result. Others said, ‘No, no … that doesn’t make any sense. It’s not about taurine. ‘ Well, it was about taurine and it was the Winn Feline Foundation that funded that study. Fast forward the clock to today, we have a treatment for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) … which has been funded again for decades by the so-called EveryCat Health Foundation.