Ethan the rescue dog’s family gives update on lingering health issues

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The dog Ethan, who won the hearts of many in and around Louisville after being found abandoned outside of the Kentucky Humane Society, is struggling with long-term health problems, his family said in their latest update.

The persistent aftermath of hunger and abuse he suffered before being rescued by KHS has caused “numerous lesions and additional brain damage in his frontal lobe,” according to his adoptive family.

“As a result, Ethan has daily seizures and other neurological problems … He’s having problems right now, but he is receiving the best possible care,” they wrote in a Facebook update on Friday.

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Ethan’s adoptive family first announced in early July that he had neurological problems and said he was being tested, which led to the MRIs that showed brain damage. They said Saturday that they are “doing everything we can to help ethane,” including prescription drugs and homeopathic remedies.

Ethan was very emaciated and had numerous health problems when he was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Humane Society’s main facility at 241 Steedly Drive in late January.

He spent some time in the care of KHS vets and a veterinary clinic before being promoted by Humane Society employee Jeff Callaway. The Callaway family finally adopted Ethan in March.

Since then, they’ve shared updates on his trip on Ethan Almighty’s Facebook page. The Callaways have continued to thank those in the Louisville community and across the state and country who gathered around Ethan.

“The flood of support is so incredible. We are so grateful !!” they wrote on the page. “Please keep Ethan and our family on your daily minds as we struggle through this very difficult time.

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