Entrepreneur launches Halal cat food for Muslim pet owners

A Manchester businessman has launched what he believes is the UK’s first Halal-friendly cat food.

Tiana is aimed at around 500,000 Muslim cat owners in the UK who “spend a negligible amount of time and money tracking down suitable fish-themed brands or making homemade recipes with suitable ingredients for humans”.

Tiana founder Pankaj Hurria said the idea for halal-centric cat food originally came from a throwaway comment from a good friend’s mother who asked, “When would the pet food sector wake up to the ‘halal-friendly’ opportunity?” After researching with his good friend Umar, a devout Muslim and owner of the communications agency Pie Analysis, Pankaj started a speculative 4-week teaser campaign.

He said, β€œIn a way, it makes perfect sense that an ‘animal humanization’ movement that already encompasses every imaginable ‘minority diet’ interests from grain-free, vegan, bio-organic, paleo, gut health, and a number of other things, should be included nutrition-specific offers: joint relief, hypoallergenic, dental health, vitamin plus, would ultimately long for a first mover with halal-friendly meals. ”

He added: β€œI always knew that when my brand transitioned to brand owner, it had to embody ‘sustainable, eco-friendly thinking, which is why the three-headed range uses state-of-the-art freeze-drying, which is nutrient-draining heat pasteurization.

“Removing 70% moisture means that transportation / storage costs are drastically reduced because adding water at the source makes so good sense.”