ENMU Animal and Dairy Science Main Goals for Profession in Veterinary Drugs

Written by Desiree Cooper

February 19, 2021

Tara Mayes

Tara Mayes plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in Animal and Dairy Science from Eastern New Mexico University this summer. Her professional goal is to work in veterinary medicine, “Enable pets and all animals to have long, healthy lives” and advance the field through the study of animals.

Tara Mayes with the family

Tara likes to help animals; She volunteers in animal shelters and a veterinary clinic and is a member of the ENMU Pre-Vet Club. Her interest in animal science began because she loved the “idea of ​​learning about animals and helping them since they cannot speak for themselves”.

Her advice to students interested in their subject is, “Get as much experience as you can. If everything feels overwhelming or difficult, think about your goal because the success you get in the end is the best reward . “

The senior was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up there. He has three brothers and two sisters. Her mother is a pre-K teacher and her father is a technician.

Tara decided to take part in the ENMU to run in the Cross Country Team. She also liked that Eastern’s “small town location allows one to focus on her studies with fewer distractions.”

Her favorite class at ENMU was Common Veterinary Practice because learning the terminology of the subject helped her excel in her volunteer work with animals.

Tara says that every professor she has met in the Department of Agriculture, Food Science, and Kinesiology cares for students and is eager to help. “ENMU has a great support system for teachers who want to see student success,” she said.

Your contact points in Portales, New Mexico are the Wesley Foundation and the Golden Student Success Center.

The greyhound’s hobbies include exercising, cooking, and spending time with family. She dreams of one day traveling outside the US and owning a business.

Tara Maye's family

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