Enhancements deliberate for canine park

Improvement work at Plant Avenue dog park means it will be closed regularly over the coming weeks.

“The community made some suggestions on how they would like to improve the dog park. A common suggestion has been to plant green grass to prevent grass seeds, ”said Rodney Lawson, parks and gardens coordinator for Horsham City Council.

Grass seeds usually fall off long, wild grass and can be especially dangerous to your dogs if they become embedded under their skin.

“To prevent this from happening, we will spread Kikuyu seeds and install an irrigation system to ensure that the new lawn is maintained. The park will be closed for certain parts of the improvement process to ensure everyone’s health and safety, and for a slightly longer period to allow the seeds to germinate. The park will have signs letting you know when it is closed, ”Lawson said.

“Together with the new grass, we will install a drinking fountain for dogs and people on both sides of the park fence. That way, it doesn’t matter whether you visit us or drop by, you can still use the new feature, ”he said.

Mr Lawson said Horsham Rural City Council appreciated the public’s understanding of the Plant Avenue dog park’s temporary regular closure and was thrilled to deliver the improvements.

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