Embark dog DNA kits tell us everything we need to know about our pups

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season or just want to learn more about your pup, Embark canine DNA kits can be the answer.

Embark is one of the highest rated DNA tests on the canine market. Embark is not just about determining the exact breed of your dog. These tests can also give you some insight into your puppy’s possible genetic health risks and physical traits.

The fact that they offer more than one test to choose from also means you can choose the kit that is right for you.

So what are the canine DNA kits that Embark has to offer? And what do they cost (just in case you want to give this to a new dog owner this year)?

Embark DNA kits help pet owners give pet owners a unique insight into their dogs

Embark on a canine DNA test. Image courtesy of Embark

There are three kits available on the Embark website:

  • The Breed & Health Kit: Health & Happiness + Breed ID (which normally costs $ 199 but had a coupon code at the time of this writing to bring it down to $ 149)
  • The Purebred Kit: Health, Family, and More (this kit is $ 199, with a code to reduce it to $ 149 at the time of writing)
  • The Breed ID Kit: Breed ID and Beyond (originally $ 129, but current coupon code drops the price to $ 99)

What makes Embark DNA kits for dogs so interesting, and why we’re thinking about snapping one up for ourselves (and yes, they are available on Amazon), is the fact that these kits,

Test over 350 breeds and 200+ genetic health risks and provide 2x more information than any other canine DNA test on the market.

And that’s not the only thing we appreciate about these kits. Another thing that sets them apart when it comes to other canine DNA kits on the market is the fact that they have their own unique property.

Unique to Embark, the Dogs Like Mine feature allows users to find out which dogs in the database have a similar mix of breeds. Embark’s DNA Relative Finder also connects dog owners with other Embark dogs that are related to their dog based on the percentage of DNA they share.

When it comes to a canine DNA test, we never really thought we’d spend the money on it. But thanks to the fact that this particular brand also offers information that can be vital to our dog’s health, we may need to change our minds and see what our employee pup really is.

Have you ever used a canine DNA kit? Would you test your dog’s DNA to learn more about their breed and health history based on genetics? We would like to know what you think about these tests.

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