eight Suggestions To Grasp The Coital Alignment Approach (CAT Place)

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How different can a variation be? Not that bad, but there are enough twists and turns to help you and your partner experience joy in a new way.

According to Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexologist and expert on sexual wellness brand and retail enthusiasts, the main difference between the coital alignment technique and the missionary position is that CAT sex is mostly focused on the clitoris and the penis pointing down inside the vagina instead up.

However, it’s similar to mission sex in that one person is lying on their back and the other person is on top, facing their partner. Grove breaks it down, saying, “In CAT sex, the partner on top – the one using their penis or dildo – focuses on stimulating the clitoris as they enter the vagina.” With Missionary, on the other hand, “The person in the lead cannot use their weight to apply pressure to the clitoris or use their fingers to manually stimulate.”

Think of it this way: CAT is the hands-free version!