Egypt: 11 taken to hospital after being mauled by single dog

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Dubai: According to reports, a crazy dog ​​mistreated 11 people in Egypt and took them to hospital for treatment, local media reported.

According to Qena Police, the dog attacked several residents of Al Kalh village, injuring 11 people.

Several ambulances rushed to the scene of the accident to take the injured to the hospital, where they received the rabies vaccine.

Stray dogs and other animals are common across Egypt and can usually be seen digging through the trash or trotting through the city streets. Regarded by many as a nuisance, unhealthy, or even dangerous, some individuals have taken matters into their own hands, poisoned stray animals or otherwise harmed them – a trend the law seeks to address, according to the Egyptian newspaper Youm7.

According to a report by Ahram Online, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture reported around 400,000 cases of dog bites in 2017 – an increase of 100,000 from 2014 figures. In addition, 231 people have died as a result of dog bites in the past four years. Most of the deaths were caused by rabies.

According to World Health Organization statistics from 2017, around 60 people die each year in Egypt from rabies, which is incurable if not detected early.