Edmonton cat home torn down after dozens of felines seized from property

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EDMONTON – The construction of a new semi-detached house is planned for the site of a now demolished house where dozens of cats were discovered more than a year ago.

The house was demolished Friday morning after being sentenced by the city in 2019. A sign advertising the new development was put up.

Officials began investigating the property at 112 Avenue and 95 Street on September 21, 2019 after peace officials spotted several cats living in the house and in a motor home parked on the property in conditions that police described as deplorable.

Police began searching the house, but extreme amounts of ammonia from cat urine and rotting animal meat forced them to call in a Hazmat team from the Edmonton Fire and Rescue Service.

When they were able to enter the two apartments, they found a number of cats surrounded by feces, urine and syringes.

In Edmonton's cat house

Conditions in the cat house

A dead cat was also found in the RV.

A total of 55 cats were confiscated from the property, most of them in poor health.

Thirty-nine of the cats had to be knocked down because of serious health problems.

The property has been convicted and arrest warrants have been issued for Kelly Jenner, 38, and Alisha Leclercq, 32, for deliberately causing pain, suffering or injury to an animal, leaving or deliberately neglecting an animal, or lack of suitable and adequate food and water Have provided shelter and care.

The couple were also accused under the Animal Welfare Act of bringing an animal into distress, of failing to ensure that an animal has enough food and water, of not being adequately cared for, and of not properly caring for the animal when it is wounded or sick and not having provided the animal with adequate shelter, ventilation or space.

Police say Jenner is due to appear in court starting Friday in June, but police are still looking for Leclercq.