Edinburgh animal welfare chiefs launch appeal after adorable black cat found abandoned

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Animal rights activists have launched a call to find the owners of a frightened black cat that was found outside a charity building in Edinburgh.

A passer-by discovered the young female on Friday the 17th.

The Casselbank Street offices were empty at the time of the incident, but CCTV footage shows a woman leaving the address just before the cat was found.

The Scottish SPCA has now issued a call for information to identify the responsible owner.

SSPCA inspector Fiona Thorburn said: “We are very grateful to the passer-by who spotted the cat and called us. The cat would have been out there all night, which would have been very stressful and who knows what might have happened.

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“Unfortunately it is not chipped, so we couldn’t find the owner.

“She is a young woman and is black in color. She is in good physical shape and does not seem to have any health problems. “

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According to the charity, it is currently unclear whether the cat was abandoned by its owner or picked up from the street by a stray.

Fiona added, “In these situations, we are always interested in speaking to the person to learn the circumstances and to know an animal’s veterinary history.

The cat has no apparent health problems, but the SSPCA bosses are very keen to find their owners. (Image: SSPCA)

“We have no way of knowing whether the woman who was CCTVed is the owner or someone who found the cat on the street and assumed it was a stray.

“We’re worried that someone will be looking for her.

“But if the cat was purposely dumped in the Cat Welfare League, we understand that the owner may have intended it to be found, but this is not the way to abandon your pet when you can no longer take care of it.

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