Dying pet rescued from canine killer thriving in new dwelling

A puppy rescued by a man who killed 20 dogs and abused 24 more is thriving in its new home with the Gloucestershire Police Family.

Norbert was one of 44 dogs that were found undernourished and cramped in cages in two vans on the M6 ​​on a hot day last year.

On Monday, the owner, Patrick Stokes, 25, of Adventure Lane, West Rainton, Durham, pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of the pups in his care and causing the deaths of 20 of them.

After the police stopped the van on August 22nd, Norbert spent five days in intensive care on the verge of death, but now he is thriving in his “forever home”.

He and the 23 other surviving pups were relocated within the Gloucestershire Constabulary police family and those involved in the rescue effort after a flurry of offers for a suitable home from officers and staff.

After the trial, DCI Claire Nutland said, “These pups were all in extremely poor health as they were malnourished and unfortunately many of them could not be saved after suffering unnecessarily.

“We pursued social crimes in this case because the conditions in the transporter were unacceptable and clearly not the right way to transport puppies that needed constant support and care.

“I would like to thank the citizen again, who called with her concerns, and urge anyone who sees something suspicious to call the police immediately.

“A big thank you also goes to all those who have helped with veterinary care and behavioral training on this path, and I am very happy that the other puppies are now thriving in their eternal home.”

Stokes was banned from owning, keeping or transporting animals for 12 months, 100 hours of unpaid labor, and two years.

In an interview with the police, he told them that he had planned to give the puppies to family members and that he did not want to sell them after the dogs were transported from Belfast.

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