Dying dog found with a litter of puppies crammed inside a guinea pig cage makes miracle recovery and has a new role with Notts Police

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Eze, a two-year-old spaniel, was one of a dozen severely dehydrated and distressed pups found in the back of a delivery truck in March.

The dogs were taken to a veterinarian who found they had the highly contagious parvovirus.

Despite the best efforts of the veterinary staff, most of the dogs died, but Eze survived.

Eze has made a full recovery.

He was fostered by the RSPCA and later adopted by the Nottinghamshire Police who found him in the van in Carlton.

Eze has now been trained to be a feel-good dog helping officers and staff talk about their mental health.

Inspector Rob Lawton, a dog handler who adopted Eze, said, “Eze was one of about a dozen dogs we found following a tip from a member of the public.

“Unfortunately they were all very bad when we found them.

Inspector Rob Lawton, a dog handler who adopted Eze.

“There had been an outbreak of parvovirus and despite the amazing work of the RSPCA staff, most of them could not be saved.

“We already have other dogs and I knew we could give him the best possible home.

“But when he first came to us he was really in a shocking state and we weren’t sure if he would survive.

“He had hardly any hair and had hardly been with people in his short life.

“For us it was really about starting from scratch and giving him a puppy life that he had never had before.

“Eze is amazing and really enjoys being at work, he loves everyone and the officers and staff who work by his side really enjoy having him around.

“The difference he makes for people’s wellbeing is amazing.”

Eze is looked after by staff but spends his days at the police headquarters.

Ella Carpenter, manager of the RSPCA’s Radcliffe Animal Center, where Eze was nursed, said, “It is heartwarming to see Eze today.

“You can see that his owners spent so much time with him.

“He’s so much more confident and that’s what we’re all about – finding the right dog in the right home so he can lead his best life.”