DVMPro Launches Their First Veterinary Gadget Line Underneath A New Partnership With MTMC Animal Well being | Information

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SAN DIEGO, March 25, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – DVMPro Inc., a leading supplier of veterinary diagnostic veterinary equipment, has announced that it has partnered with MTMC Animal Health to establish a nationwide sales presence in the veterinary equipment market.

DVMPro is pleased to announce that MTMC’s partnership extends to the entire DVMPro product line, which currently includes:

Veterinary surveillance

Ventilators & Anesthesia



Infusion pumps

Pulse oximetry

Blood analysis

In addition to the new joint venture with MTMC Animal Health, DVMPro is introducing two new lines of veterinary drugs.

The new Guardian line of veterinary monitors has four powerful devices. The Guardian monitors are equipped with Suntech blood pressure as standard, the optimal blood pressure manufacturer for animals of all sizes. TheGuardian Pro can be equipped with advanced veterinary monitoring functions such as EMR integration, Wi-Fi and network software for central monitoring stations. For those who need a convenient market on a budget, we also offer the economical Guardian Lite for small to medium sized veterinary practices.

The new ultrasound line from DVMPro has state-of-the-art veterinary ultrasound devices. The DVMPro Clarity Ultrasound, which is already used in most of the country’s veterinary practices, is supplemented by the introduction of the Omni color ultrasound series. This series features cutting-edge ultrasound technology including Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI), multiple data management methods, and an ultra-lightweight design.

The new Guardian veterinary monitor and the omni color ultrasound lines will be presented at VMX in Orlando next June. In the meantime, they can be viewed at http://www.dvm-pro.com. Please forward all inquiries by email to info@dvm-pro.com or by phone at (833) 4-DVMPRO to our sales department.

About DVMPro

DVMPro is committed to providing high quality veterinary equipment and value creation to medical device distributors around the world. DVMPro is committed to delivering excellence to its customers by having merchants prioritize their needs and getting unbeatable prices and reputable brands. This practice has resulted in DVMPro being trusted by some of the largest medical companies in the world. DVMPro offers US support, turnkey sales solutions, hassle-free logistics, national sales and purchasing groups.

DVMPro’s unique ability to manage complex US regulations and import-related logistics makes its service unique in the veterinary market.

We are proud to work with 150 dealers, several high profile partners and a sales team of over 10,000 representatives across the country. All of these add to our wholesale market capitalization of $ 100 billion

About MTMC Animal Health

MTMC has been working with equipment manufacturers for over 30 years. The MTMC Animal Health office represents animal health companies across the country by focusing on sales agency with over 100 sales people, sales agency, biomedical services and advisory services.

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