Dr. Cat on being a celebrity plastic surgeon and why surgery is not always necessary

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Cosmetic and plastic surgery can still be seen as taboo, especially for celebrities. Many celebrities undergo plastic surgery to achieve an aesthetic look, with their job putting the pressure on them to look perfect and youthful. This culture continuously increases the demand for plastic surgery among ordinary people. People from all walks of life, no longer just celebrities, turn to plastic surgeons to undergo procedures to gain the confidence they want once they are in their desired shape and form.

Although the demand for plastic surgery is increasing, doctors recommend that it is not for everyone. Many factors – physical, emotional, and mental – play a role and are considered when deciding on plastic surgery. The same is the case with Dr Cat Begovic.

Dr. Cat Begovic is a certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. She is a Harvard and UCLA graduate. Dr. Cat specializes in vaginal cosmetic surgery and natural looking tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Cat is also the creator of the MD Glam skin care beauty line. She is familiar with almost all plastic surgery procedures and performs each operation with the most critical and minute details in mind, remaining almost invisible except for minimal signs or scars or markings.

In recent years, while running a doctor’s office and being a famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat made multiple requests from patients around the world to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery that resembled a celebrity. In an interview with Influencive, Dr. Cat with that most of the similar looking plastic surgeries she receives are Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose’s bum, Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner’s lips, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian. She even shared her experience and talked about receiving inquiries from celebrity look-alikes on the television show The Doctors when she once appeared on it. On the show, the panel also discussed that, according to the AAFPRS annual survey report, 13% of facial plastic surgeons observed increased demand and demand for celebrity look-alike procedures.

People from all walks of life, no longer just celebrities, turn to plastic surgeons for procedures to gain the confidence they want

Dr. Cat shares that it is unfair to objectify people. She looks at people personally and not objectively. Dr. Cat sits with her patients and patiently listens to them and their complaints. She looks at her patients and tries to understand what needs to be fixed in order to feel better and much safer after the operation. It is much more important to analyze and understand “why” the patient wants to undergo an operation. The “why” and motivation of the patient to choose surgery play a crucial role in the surgical journey. Dr. Cat shares that for a targeted and meaningful operation, all of these factors must fit together perfectly in harmony.

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Cat doesn’t always give her patient plastic surgery. There are non-invasive methods and alternatives that one can choose instead of jumping straight to plastic surgery. It is crucial to listen to patients’ goals in order to decide whether a non-invasive or a surgical approach would best meet their expectations.

Dr. Cat shares her four biggest concerns and reasons for rejecting or preventing herself from doing plastic surgery. The four concerns are:

  1. Motivation: Dr. Cat shares that the most important thing is the motivation of the person who decides to have surgery. If a third party, friend, or peer is influencing the person to undergo surgery, it is not a valid reason to opt for surgery, especially if you think long term.
  2. Having unrealistic expectations: some patients turn to Dr. Cat that cannot be safely carried. Dr. Cat refuses to proceed with procedures that affect a patient’s health or safety.
  3. When a person is emotionally not ready to tackle life changing plastic surgery and is in a panic and fear, Dr. Cat suggests that it is not a good time for her to proceed with the operation.
  4. Medical reason: During the consultation, Dr. Cat through her patient’s medical history. She ensures that the patient’s health and safety is not compromised during the operation by performing extensive preoperative laboratories and approvals.

Fortunately, ethical surgeons like Dr. Cat care for their patients’ health and will only perform the operation when it is safe to do so. Visit the website of Dr. Cat to learn more about the famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.