Dozens of ‘matted, sick and dirty’ purebred Persian cats rescued from single Metrowest home – Boston News, Weather, Sports

METHÜN, MASS. (WHDH) – Thirty-three purebred Persian cats seek forever homes after being rescued from a single Metrowest home where they were “matted, sick and filthy,” according to the MSPCA.

The cats are resting comfortably on the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen while undergoing treatment for health conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections and dental disease – and the MSPCA hopes the adoptees will step forward to begin Saturday, September 4th to claim one (or some) of them.

The cats, ages 5 to 12, lived in crowded and cramped conditions. No charges were brought and the identity of the previous owner was not disclosed.

“These particular Persians have been referred to as ‘Fancy Times Three’ by the staff at the MSPCA Adoption Center because not only are they purebred, but many were previously exhibition cats – and at least some were imported from Italy,” the MSPCA wrote, noting the Nevins Farm Team spent the last week and a half shaving all of their coats – so that they could grow back into the shiny long-haired coats the Persians are famous for.

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