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MATHER, Pa. (KDKA) – Dozens of cats were removed from a Greene County home Thursday.

Vans full of cats were being fetched from the garage of the house in Mather. According to neighbors, the conditions in the house were so repulsive that many spent the summer months locked in their homes to escape the smell.

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A humane officer said they would still count the cats and said it could be up to 100. Many of them are dehydrated and have flea skin conditions.

(Photo: KDKA photojournalist Steve Willing)

(Photo: KDKA photojournalist Steve Willing)

“It’s not good for anyone. During the summer we are held hostage in our own homes. It’s worse than horse stables on the fairgrounds and that’s hard for people to understand, ”said neighbor Deneen Rhodes.

Humane Teddy Bear Care officials were forced to take breaks in full protective gear after entering the house on 5th and Short Streets while investigating complaints their office has been receiving since July.

(Photo: KDKA photojournalist Steve Willing)

Human policeman Robin Leighty told KDKA: “The floor is covered with feces and urine. You have to be careful because you will slip. “

Beverly Vattaglia, the owner of the house, told KDKA: “It’s just not fair for people to do this to me. I didn’t need this burden. I’m a widow. I have five children. I have enough loads. “

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The owner claims that people have been dumping the cats on her property since 2018. She said she sought help from numerous agencies and posted online adoption ads for the cats, but nothing worked.

“It destroyed my budget. It ruined my house. I can’t spend time with my family, ”said Vattaglia.

Vattaglia said she was recently run over by a car and was unable to physically look after the pets.

According to humane officials, charges will be brought against the owner.

None of the cats seemed near death. The animals will be quarantined for 10 days because of infectious diseases, but getting them back to health will be a serious task that, as things stand, may even be impossible.

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