Downtown Dubai welcomes Modern Vet, the region’s top veterinary service provider

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Modern animal clinics are designed with pets and humans in mind; They are cozy, friendly, and very sniffy. They balance their curated interiors with a heavy emphasis on technology and cutting edge medical equipment. Their goal is to improve the veterinary team as well as the animal and customer experience in Dubai.

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Modern Vet offers a variety of services and multiple departments including dermatology, dentistry, soft tissue, orthopedics, homeopathy and alternative medicine (including acupuncture), physiotherapy, avian and exotic medicine, and internal medicine. The practice also provides both emergency and basic care, including regular pet vaccinations and pet counseling. Modern Vet remains the only veterinary practice with specialists in neurology, cardiology, soft tissue and orthopedics and houses a team of 27 veterinarians, the largest team of veterinarians and surgeons in the UAE with a myriad of special interests.

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In May, the Animal Physiotherapist from Modern Vet did the impossible and set herself the task of finding a way for a completely paralyzed cat to walk again. Through daily physiotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture, movement exercises, laser therapy and daily exercises, she has fully moved her hind legs again and can now walk – a long and happy life awaits her.

Another breakthrough came in June of this year: For the first time in Dubai, a challenging heart operation, an open ductus arteriosus (PDA), was successfully carried out by a team of five veterinarians from the Modern Vet Hospital. Without the procedure, the 8-month-old Pomeranian puppy would not have survived.

The Modern Vet team has more than 275 years of veterinary practice experience. His culturally diverse team is a pretext for the 18 fluent languages ​​spoken in the veterinary practice. Modern Vet prides itself on having the most international team of veterinarians, nurses and support staff in the country.

To date, Modern Vet is the only 24-hour emergency and multi-unit veterinary practice in the United Arab Emirates that treats all small animals, including birds and exotic animals. Modern veterinary clinics and clinics are inclusive and open to all veterinary services, ranging from wellness check-ups to emergency care and referrals to specialists. The newest clinic to add to Modern Vet’s repertoire is located directly across from the dog park in Downtown Dubai, South Ridge Tower 6.

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