Dolph, the cat with a ‘stache, seeks a brand new residence

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Greetings to all!

My name is Dolph and I am a 5 year old male cat, black and white as you can clearly see with a touch of mustache to make me look interesting and unique. All the staff at the shelter love my male “pain” and it definitely makes me look amazing!

I’ve been living in the Humane Society Shelter since mid-December when I was handed over by my owner. They moved and unfortunately couldn’t take me with them. These things happen, I suppose. So I found myself in a new place with new friends and tried to figure out what my next step was.

I am wonderfully looked after here and all of my needs are met, but it would certainly be nice to find a new home to call my own. I would do best in an adult-only house with no other pets. I would prefer to be a single “furry child” because I need a lot of attention. I tend to “play” in the shelter when I am ignored and the other animals get more attention than (as I can imagine) they get.

It doesn’t even matter that I am spoiled with love – I just can’t get enough! (Until I tell you otherwise and I’ll be sure to let you know!) A quiet household is ideal. There are many things in my cat life that I am very happy with: chewing cat grass, climbing scratching posts, exploring cat tunnels, playing with my toys and just being my independent self. Oh, I love chasing those goddamn “hard-to-catch” laser lights too!

My goal besides finding a new home forever would be to finally catch the point! Can you imagine how exciting that would be? So Winston there you have it, a new home, and to catch the point – two very important goals to strive for!

Thank you for your time and consideration, and for giving me the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Very appreciated. Lots of love, Dolph

Dear Dolph:

Good looking? You sure are. Excellent? Oh yes, and more! Reader, what do you think of this neat guy with the mustache? All he needs is a tuxedo and maybe a top hat and you can take him anywhere!

We know he’s excited to find a new home. It is quite difficult for animals when their living conditions suddenly change, through no fault of their own, of course. Make his day, make his life happy by calling the animal shelter or dropping by.

Thank you. Good luck, Dolph. I make roots for you. We are all!

Sincerely, Winston

Adoption Updates

Cats: Walker, Colette, Ebony, Nemo, Dory, Dolce and Sassy

Dogs: Trenton & Tieton, Bandit & Macho

How wonderful that these happy fur babies have found a new home, and it is especially exciting that little Trenton and Tieton, the bonded puppies, were adopted together as they wished. Good news!

Wish list

• Litter

• Pet friendly ice melt

• Sand for the driveway and sidewalks

• Purina Kitten Chow


Since it is such a hectic time of year and the health and safety guidelines of the CDC are met, we ask all interested parties to visit our shelter to make an appointment.

This applies to the delivery of animals, possible meet & greets for adoption purposes and donations. It would make things go so much smoother with set dates.

If you happen to stop by without an appointment, we may ask for your patience and ask you to wait in your car until we wait for the person in front of you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Ways You Can Help
the shelter

become a member


Donations (you can indicate where you want your donation to go: Medical Fund, Spay / Neuter Fund, Building Fund or General Fund)

Did you also know that you can still help if you love animals, but cannot adopt them at this point in time?

Sponsor the cost of an animal while it lives at the shelter (pay for food, grooming, etc.).

Sponsor an animal’s adoption fee

Sponsor an animal’s castration or neuter fee


AmazonSmile is a simple, automatic way to support the Humane Society of Rome!

Every time you shop at Amazon, they donate part of the purchase price to our non-profit organization.

Here’s what you do before you start shopping:

1. Go to AmazonSmile (

2. Sign in to your Amazon account.

3. Click Accounts & Lists.

4. Click your account.

5. Scroll down to Settings.

6. Click Change Your Charity.

7. Type “Humane Society of Rome” and search.

8. Choose – make sure you choose the right humane society.

9. Go shopping!

Cat pride
Throwing program

We participate in the Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program – we received 4,000 pounds of cat litter based on nominations from the community.

This is an ongoing action. The more nominations, the more rubbish we get.

Trash, as you can imagine, is a huge expense for us so this would be a wonderful savings for our shelter.

The public is invited to participate as follows:

1. Go to and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club.

2. Click the nominate button to receive junk.

3. Enter the bonus code 4GOOD and you will double your nomination for the animal shelter.

4. Buy a green pitcher of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light – each time you do this, another pound of waste is added to the total amount donated.

Contact us

For more information, call 315-336-7070 or visit online

Also needed
at the shelter

Winter items

Pet-friendly ice melt

Slow feeding troughs for the dogs

A sturdy snow shovel

Cat articles

Delectable Lickable Treats (Bisque Style) in different flavors

Friskies Broth Variety Packs Different flavors

Meow Mix (bags of any size)

Purina Kitten Chow (any size)

Greenies pill bags for cats

Shovels (small size)

Little mice, little pompoms, cat sticks

Small paper feed bowls

Ceramic pots for food and water – small and large

Litter litter (older cats) Non-clumping litter (for kittens)

Cardboard scratch pads with refills

Scratching posts – all sizes (new) or in very good condition

Dog articles

Greenies pill bags for capsules and tablets

Cesar Original Pate ‘trays

Chews – all sizes, pork chops, pork ears

Soft Treats – strips of bacon, pupperoni, canine carry outs, all flavors

Squeaky dog ​​toy

Nylon collars – especially for large dogs

General deliveries

Garbage Bags – 13 gallon and 39 gallon drawstring bags

Non-foaming bleach

25 gallon plastic tubs with lids

Laundry baskets

Large 32 gallon plastic trash cans with lids and wheels.