Doja Cat blew up a dancing doctor from TikTok by putting him on Spotify

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Doja Cat, the popular pop artist and the top shitty poster, has outdone herself.

The artist (real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) currently uses “3 Signs Your Pet Has Anal Gland Problems”, a video of a veterinarian dancing to “Get Into It (Yuh)”, as the background on her official Spotify Page for the song. In other words, if you go to Doja Cats Spotify on your phone and play the song “Get Into It (Yuh)” you will see a dancing guy in a yellow polo shirt with a stethoscope in the background. That would be Dr. Hunter Finn, an inclusive veterinary expert from Texas.

Dr. Finn, who called Polygon on the phone between surgeries, tells Polygon that he is “honored” to have been anointed by Doja Cat. “I thought it was super cool to be recognized by someone as tall as Doja, honestly.”

Finn makes the videos to raise awareness of health issues that their own pets may have. “I didn’t want so many people to see me dance, but it’s okay,” he says.

On August 9th, Finn posted a video dancing to “Get Into It (Yuh)” while the on-screen text “3 Signs Your Pet Has Anal Gland Problems” appeared. As he dances, three symptoms of anal gland problems appear as text: slipping, fishy odor, and furniture leaks.

The hilarious video took off quickly and had over 2.4 million views at the time of publication. In it, Finn wears a bright yellow polo with blue pants (which one commentator described as “crazy Minion vibes”) and a stethoscope around his neck. He dances half-heartedly, jumping from side to side and weakly throwing up his knee. Towards the end he meets “the woah” when “3) leaking on furniture” appears on the screen. It is really hilarious.

Doja Cat canonicalized Finn’s video using a Spotify app feature called Canvas, an 8 second vertical video that fills the screen and loops while listening to a song. Typically, artists present themselves or their own videos as canvas images in Spotify. For example, for one of her earlier songs, “Say So”, Doja Cat used a clip from her official music video. Occasionally an artist can use an abstract design for a loop background, but it is certainly not common to put a random person on top of it.

While many fans have posted videos dancing to “Get Into It (Yuh)” – the specific dance Finn does has become a trend on TikTok – it seems like Finn’s comedic rendition of it caught Doja Cat’s gaze. And now he’s her official canvas for the single.

Doja Cat’s decision smells like shit posting. It’s (maybe) ironic, hilarious, and somehow it makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time. Doja Cat does a hot, sexy song full of energy and then makes a vet face. Delight in the conversation she had with her label when she asked for this person to be the background of her song for the public. It’s a troll, but that makes it great.

It’s not the first time that Doja Cat has established her bonafides shitty posting. She has shown a real understanding of social media and modern platforms. She made hilarious streams on Twitch. She built her career on TikTok as a platform on which her songs are regularly trending or processed into popular sounds. When you go to her other songs on Planet Her, many of the background loops are from other TikToks fans dancing to their videos – the perfect use of the Spotify feature.

Existing online and knowing how to cultivate fandom online means understanding how to troll with taste. Just look at Lil Nas X. And in all of this, we’ve been blessed with “3 Signs Your Pet Has Anal Gland Problems”.