Dogs, Cats And Small Critters

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When looking for gifts for a dog, cat, or other furry animal, keep in mind who you are really shopping for. You might have dog and cat lovers on your list, but the best pet gifts are all about making the four-legged recipient feel special. It’s the time of year to spend time with loved ones and, as important members of the pack, pets are included.

The best pet gifts are those chosen just for them (not their owners).


On certain occasions, your daily bag of bone-dry goodies from the pet store just isn’t enough. No, you would like to give your companion a new toy that inspires, a seductive confectionery or a box full of goodies that offers one surprise after another.

In honor of the creatures that bark, meow and squeak, we’ve rounded up the best pet gifts this holiday season. So when you start tackling your grocery list, keep in mind that pets love gifts and hosiery too.

Best gifts for dogs

Fell The dog that lives far away

It’s Harry & David, but made for mutt. The legendary gift basket supplier launched Max & Milo, a package line especially for dogs and cats. The mug for puppies comes with treats, a biscuit and rope toy for pooch, and a reusable mug for the person who will take care of them. (If you want a larger basket, there are many more to choose from.)

Fell the playful puppy


Sponsored: Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispenser Toy

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When it comes to finding quality and innovative toys, you can’t go wrong with Planet Dog. Even better, the brand is conveniently available at Chewy. The Orbee-Tuff Snoop (sold separately) is flexible but robust. It can be loaded with treats so playful pooches can roll, nibble, and gnaw to their hearts’ content while indulging in snacks along the way.

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Fell the heavy chewer

Do you have a heavy chew on your gift list? No-Hide Chews from Earth Animal are the best. They are expensive, but a worthy treat for a special occasion. Made with natural ingredients, they’re a safe, digestible rawhide alternative that will keep Caucasian dolls busy (at least for a while).

Fell the dog who deserves a box full of surprises

You’ve heard of BarkBox no doubt, and yes, it really is everything it’s supposed to be. You can buy or give away a single box for $ 35, or purchase a subscription in increments of 6 or 12 months, reducing the cost per box. Each is filled with two unique toys, two droolable tidbits, and a chew, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth. It’s the dog gift that keeps giving (not to mention the new Spider-Man style box is hard to miss).

Fell the four-legged gourmet

These aren’t your average dry and preservative-filled dog biscuits, so they’re perfect if Fido is a self-proclaimed foodie (or just loves to eat). Bocce’s Bakery makes bakery-inspired confections with healthy ingredients in gourmet flavors; There is also a wellness line geared towards health. Grab some bags and let your favorite puppy try it.

For the lazy lounger

Perhaps you love sinking into a body-sculpting memory foam bed – and so will your dog. With its memory foam core, the ultimate orthopedic dog bed from PetFusion supports the joints and contains a wraparound pillow that is made for cuddling. Thanks to the removable, machine-washable cover on the outside and the waterproof inner lining that protects the foam, it is also easy to clean. Plus, you can buy replacement covers if Fido really makes a mess.

Fur the hot dog

PetFusion’s cooling blanket is so refreshing that hot sleepers will be tempted to get one for themselves. This lightweight throw is made of a special fabric that is cool to the touch and provides a refreshing feeling all year round. It’s machine washable and resists dandruff and pilling, making it ideal for draping on your dog’s bed or the expensive couch he loves to lie on. (It’s also great for cats, by the way).

Best gifts for cats

Fur The Classy Kitty across the country

Harry & David didn’t forget about cat lovers and also put together a range of giftable, mailable boxes for them. One is the aptly named “Meow” gift basket, which is filled with classy gifts like burlap toys and cheesy treats to delight every purr’s palette. Send it to a kitten who lives far away or surprise your own companion with this basket full of goodies.

Fell The cat who prefers privacy

Of course, every cat owner would be happy about this elegant and discreet litter box in their home, but also their cat. That’s because its closed top entry design allows easy access while also providing a sense of security. (It’s also harder for dog siblings to sniff around.) All in all, the Modkat provides a cleaner, more private potty experience that any cat will appreciate.

Fur of the catnip addict

If the cat in question is crazy about catnip, gifting their toys filled with the stuff is a natural choice. Grab this six-pack bread-shaped cat toy so your mustached friend can indulge his inner carbaholic while he buzzes on the goodies.

Fur the Meower who deserves a wealth of gifts

Sponsored: Goody Box birthday toys, treats, and clothing for cats

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Get a goody box from Chewy and treat your kitten to a treasure full of surprises. Each goody box is packed with snacks, toys and accessories on adorable themes like birthday, retro and holiday. Not only is it a convenient one-stop shop, but it also gives you a ton of bang for your buck, which makes it perfect to send or share with your own buddy. (You can also get goody boxes for dogs.)

Fur the picky cat

Cats are notoriously picky eaters, but even the pickiest of them can’t turn their noses up to flavors like salmon and sweet potato, lobster and cheese, and chicken and catnip (or at least not all three). This variety package not only lasts a while, but also lets the Kitty du Jour choose from a trio of delicious flavors.

Fell The cat who values ​​personal space

Show your cat some love by surprising them with their own luxury apartment. The 72-inch Go Pet Club scratching post has platforms to sit on, ladders to climb, sisal to scratch, dangling mice to hit and covered corners to relax. Better still, this model won’t become an eyesore in your living room and comes in a handful of neutral color combinations.

Fur the cat who only drinks fresh water

Not only are cats picky eaters, they’re also picky drinkers. If you want to keep kitty hydrated, the best choice is a pet drinking fountain that allows them to drink cool, fresh water any time of the day or night. The popular Veken fountain has an adorable daisy-shaped spout that pours in three different modes and filters the water for optimal purity. It also comes with a silicone pad to protect your floor from accidental splashes.

Best gifts for other pets

Fur animals that just want to have fun


Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toys, Funny Pet Balls (4 Pack)

Buy from Amazon

This four-pack of balls, which can be used on a handful of small breeds, offers fun moves and textures for playful balls of fur like guinea pigs or rabbits. Made from natural fibers, they can be safely gnawed, rolled, or pulled apart if the little guy or girl is particularly destructive.

Furry pets who like to gnaw

Made for small pets like rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs, these sweet bamboo treats are great for gnawing. Aside from the obvious entertainment factor, it can also help improve dental health and digestion.

Fell the little couch potato

Any minimalist mouse (or hamster or gerbil) will appreciate the clean lines of this cozy little home. Seriously though, it’s built with pocket-sized rooms your buddy can explore and nest in whenever he wants.

Fur The pet that needs a cage cation

Between its configuration in the high ropes course and the comfortable hammock, small pets can experience adventure and lazing around in this versatile accessory. Basically, it’s like a mini oasis, right in your own cage.

For The Energetic Fuzzball

Are you looking for something a little more interactive? With its climbing wall, dangling bell and curved slide, this funhouse will entertain even the most energetic fuzzballs. (If only they would make a human-sized one for your kids …)