Dog who was beaten with a colander by his owners makes amazing recovery in his new York home

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Max now, the sieve that was used against him, and when the RSPCA found him

A terrier dog that was beaten and bleeding by its former owners is healthy and happy again after being rescued by the RSPCA.

Terrier Cross Max was being brought to safety by the charity’s animal rescuers and police when he was discovered with serious injuries in his former home in North Yorkshire.

RSPCA inspectors were called in to help the little white terrier after one of its owners heard in the pub that he was boasting that the little dog had been beaten and that there was “blood all over the place”.

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Rescuers found Max crouching – huddled in a corner, badly injured and covered in blood. There was a blood-stained metal sieve and an ax nearby.

Veterinarians later found burns and wounds on Max’s small body, suggesting that he had been sieved. He was inducted into RSPCA care and after treating his injuries, the staff worked with Max to restore his shattered confidence and give him the veterinary care and kindness he badly needed and deserved.

Remarkable recovery

Max at the RSPCA

Eighteen months later, he has recovered remarkably thanks to a loving new home with James Taylor.

James fell in love with the little dog when they saw his profile on the RSPCA York Animal Home last year and took him home during lockdown last summer.

He said, “I can’t believe how he recovered. It is such a pleasure to be with him.

“We couldn’t get it to many places because of the lockdown, but we took it to a pub garden for the first time not so long ago and it was just wonderful. He took everything with ease and seemed to really be enjoying himself.

“I will always be so grateful to the RSPCA for saving Max and saving him from a terrible situation. Although he still has some problems caused by his injuries, he is such a happy little dog. So good and full of love he is a wonderful companion. The York Animal Home staff and volunteers really worked wonders for him. “

The RSPCA has launched a “Atrocity Ending” campaign as figures show the animal welfare organization has received nearly 100,000 reports of willful animal harm over the past five years.

RSPCA Chief Inspectorate Officer Dermot Murphy said, “It is incredibly worrying that we are seeing such high levels of animal cruelty in 2021. The scale of this problem is worrying, and the cruelty our officers see on the front lines every day increases during the summer.

“With the help of the great British audience, we hope that we can stop cruelty and help more animals like Max.”