Dog shot by cop in Egg Harbor Twp. after allegedly biting woman

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP – A police officer shot dead a dog charging at him and bitten a woman several times, township police said Monday.

According to police, the dog ran away immediately after the shot and was found near its owner’s home. It was then transported to a local veterinary clinic.

On Saturday night, police said, officers arrived at the scene of a reported dog bite and met with the victim, a 40-year-old woman who was visiting La Costa Lakes settlement from Atlantic City.

She suffered bites in the back of her head, arm, and lower back areas. The victim was cared for on site and then taken to the hospital in an ambulance for further treatment.

According to police, an officer soon found the dog in question and found a female dog – who was associated with the dog’s owner – with an apparent head injury on the ground nearby. According to police, she tried to recover the dog, but fell and hit her head.

When the officer wanted to help the injured woman, according to the police, the dog growled. When the officer backed away, the dog attacked and was shot, the police said.

The dog, known as Kiko, was operated on early Monday evening.

“This entire incident and the chain of events that led to it are just so unfortunate for everyone involved,” police said.

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