Dog Saves Owner’s Life After Crash By Leading New Hampshire Police To Site

We all know dogs are too good for us. A German Shepherd named “Tinsley” proved this again on January 3rd when she played a vital role in saving her owner’s life.

A police officer responded to a report of a dog roaming on a freeway on the New Hampshire-Vermont border, but when the officer found the dog in question it soon led him to a shocking discovery.

Tinsley, the dog, saved her owner by alerting the police of a car accident.

Tinsley was easy going, but certainly not lost. When the policeman found one-year-old Tinsley, she led the policeman to her seriously injured owner, who had been thrown from his vehicle as it rolled off the highway, and to another passenger.

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The answering officer seemed unaware of the emergency until Tinsley led them to the crime scene.

Cam Laundry and his passenger experienced what could only be described as a nightmare on Monday night when his car rolled over and both he and his passenger were injured after being thrown out in the crash. ONE

As the cold winter night covered the scene of the accident, hypothermia set in both in the laundry and in his passenger.

The German Shepherd was the only one who knew about the accident.

No one but Tinsley could have saved the couple when they hit the freeway – where someone reported that a dog was running around on the street.

When the answering officer, Trooper Sandberg, tried to approach the dog, Tinsley made his way to the scene of the accident.

Miraculously, Tinsley was uninjured in the accident and had made it his business to find help for Laundry and his passenger.

Lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre later said about Tinsley. “It was kind of ‘follow me. Follow me.’ And they did, and you know, to your surprise, when they saw the guardrail broken and looked down where the dog was looking, they were almost in disbelief. “

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Lieutenant Baldassarre also described the dire condition in which the police found the two men: “They discovered an overturned truck with two gentlemen who were thrown from the vehicle … At this point hypothermia had set in they were out of the vehicle. The dog was also wet, so you can tell that it has been outside for a while “

Cam Laundry recovered quickly.

Fortunately for Cam Laundry and his passenger, Tinsley was quick to bring help and you can probably thank her for her speedy recovery.

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Cam Laundry appeared to be in good health in his interview and he credits Tinsley with her rescue: “We were shaken, didn’t know what was happening. Next we know that the police were there, and all because of them. ”

After the accident, Laundry said of Tinsley: “She is my little guardian angel. It’s a wonder she was smart enough to do what she did. “

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In fact, Tinsley was good enough to stand by while rescue workers worked on her owner and passenger.

As this good girl deserves, Tinsley can likely expect plenty of pets, treats, and hearty meals in her future.

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