Dog saves human’s life by laying on him in the cold

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An incredible story from Croatia shows how far dogs go to care for their human companions and how well they can cater to our needs.

Grga Brkić climbed the highest peak in the Velebit Mountains, around 1,800 meters above the Croatian Adriatic coast, when he fell almost 150 meters down a snow-covered slope. The fall caused Brkić to severely break his leg and render him completely immobile. He must have been afraid, knowing that there was nothing he could do to keep him from dying of hypothermia.

Two hikers nearby spotted Brkić and his companion North, an eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute, at the foot of the embankment, but could not reach it safely. So they sent for rescuers.

Brkić lay shivering in the snow, so his canine lay on top of him to keep him warm until help arrived. Alaskan Malamutes do particularly well in cold weather and can withstand temperatures as low as -20 ° F. They have thick, waterproof double coats that keep them warm even in the frozen Arctic.

An 8 month old Alaskan Malamute, North, was the hero during a rescue operation in the mountains of Croatia. He rescued an injured climber by lying on him for 13 hours. North kept Grga Brkic warm after falling, injured and unable to reach

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The two waited 13 hours in the freezing cold until more than a dozen first aiders arrived at the scene. When they got to the couple, they were amazed to find that the dog had “rolled over” [Brkić] and warmed him. “

Brkić later told Croatian media that “the minutes and seconds before her arrival were so slow” but “this little dog is a real miracle”.

Croatian emergency climbers Hrvatska Gorska Služba Spašavanja went to work to save the hiker and his dog.

Throughout the ordeal, the dog refused to break away from his friend.

“The whole time the dog was curled up next to the owner in the pit; he warmed his owner with his body and thus prevented the mountaineer from hypothermia, who had suffered a severe lower leg and ankle fracture when he fell, ”said Josip Brozičević, head of the Croatian mountain rescue service.

The rescuers were finally able to save the hiker and his brave dog and they were flown to a nearby hospital by helicopter. The hiker underwent emergency surgery in the hospital. The dog was unharmed in the incident.

After the rescue on Sunday, the Brkić family shared an update on Grga and North, letting everyone know they were fine.

“The north is at home, says hello and relaxed,” wrote Antonija Sjauš Brkić. “Grga will be fine. HGSS … we have no words … thank you !!! “

The rescuers say that the dog’s courage and compassion is a lesson we can all learn from. “Friendship and love between humans and dogs are limitless,” Retter wrote on Sunday. “His loyalty did not even stop with the arrival of the Savior … From this example we can all learn how to care for one another.”

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