Dog Reunited After Missing For 6 Days In Scotch Plains Area

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SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ – An all-round happy ending for the Westfield Goldberg family who were reunited with their lost dog, Lelia. Leila had been missing for six days.

“It was a good end to our story after a really bad week,” said Neil Goldberg. “I would like to thank as many people as possible for everyone who contributed and helped with tips.”

Leila was watched by friends in Scotch Plains on July 30th when she escaped. She was spotted on Johnston Drive in Watchung all week. Continue reading: Family dog ​​missing for 3 days, last seen in the Warren area

Goldberg set up a trap on Wednesday night but ended up only catching one possum. Another sighting at the intersection of Johnston Drive and Mareu Drive was reported on Thursday evening, Goldberg said.

“A really nice house owner on the street corner set a trap for us there,” said Goldberg.

After setting the trap, Neil drove by every half hour to check the trap. At 10:30 p.m., the family found Leila trapped.

“She was pretty calm, very subdued,” Goldberg said after catching Leila.

He took Leila to an emergency vet on Route 22 in Union, where she was examined. She wasn’t dehydrated but weighed 3 pounds lighter. Overall, Goldberg said Leila was “in really good health. She took care of herself.

During the search, Goldberg also came across a lost Havanese who was also captured and taken to an animal shelter.