Dog Rescue R Us t-shirt fundraiser

MIDLAND-ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – Dog Rescue R Us is selling Christmas t-shirts this week to raise funds for their nonprofit organization.

The animal rescue organization focuses on rescuing and caring for abandoned dogs in the Midland-Odessa region and takes in around 20 dogs a day. Dana Tinley, the vice president of Dog Rescue R Us, said the organization requires around $ 600,000 a year to run and they run various fundraising drives throughout the year to raise money.

“We are constantly looking for funds to help the dogs that are in very poor health. Most of our donors, 99 percent of our donors, know that whatever is left goes to the next dog in need or whatever is needed. Every single penny is in, every single penny is out, ”Tinley said.

The t-shirt fundraiser ends on October 25th. Dog Rescue R Us is always looking for volunteers to walk the dogs. You can volunteer by contacting Dana Tinley at 575-318-7406 or emailing her at

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