Dog recovers after being shot for eating chickens

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GOOCHLAND, Virginia (WWBT) – A dog in Goochland put a new “leash” on its life after it was rescued when shot for eating live chickens.

In September, Goochland County Animal Protection called Goochland Pet Lovers about a severely underweight mastiff who had been shot for eating live chickens. Goochland Pet Lovers said the owner of the chickens had the right to shoot and kill the mastiff now known as the Pearl under the county code.

However, Pearl did not die. Officials said she had “life-threatening injuries including a broken jaw, a torn tongue artery, chest penetration including a lung and an abdominal perforation”.

“When the Goochland County Animal Welfare called, we had to make a quick decision to support life-saving surgery,” said Dr. Lori Elliott, Chair of Goochland Pet Lovers.

pearl(Goochland animal lover)

After Pearl’s operation was completed, she stayed at the VRCC for six days before going to the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center for further care.

“She had to hand-feed special food three times a day because she could not chew. She had to be given six medications a day and had to clean her external fixator rods, reconnect the device and manage the drain twice a day, “Goochland Pet Lovers said in a press release.

Thanks to a team of employees and volunteers, she was able to be nursed back to health. Pearl has gained over 16 pounds and is even learning basic commands.

“Pearl will always have a special place in our hearts,” said Dr. Elliott. “Her positive demeanor and love of life influenced everyone who helped her recover, and we can’t wait for her to move to a loving home where she is tucked into a big, fluffy bed every night. “

Pearl’s story even caught the attention of the county board of directors, “which is trying to change the ordinance to prevent this tragedy from legally recurring.”

Pearl will soon be put up for adoption and is looking for her “forever” home.

Anyone who wants to help save dogs like Pearl can donate to Goochland Pet Lovers’ Lori L. Elliott Medical Fund here.

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