Dog owners put on alert as LA County sees its largest outbreak of canine influenza

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Dog owners are warned of canine flu and leptospirosis outbreaks in Los Angeles County.

The District Veterinary Health Office reported more cases of the two diseases than usual last week. There were 51 confirmed cases of leptospirosis, a pathogenic bacterium, as well as the largest canine flu outbreak in the county with 10 confirmed cases and another 46 suspected cases.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) is now urging dog owners to get their dogs vaccinated, especially if they participate in group activities or spend time in boarding houses.

“Now that we are traveling and returning to personal work or school, our ‘pandemic pups’ are going to daycare centers and kennels, which is what drives these outbreaks,” said spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein in a statement. “Getting your dogs vaccinated not only protects them, but can also save you time, money and trouble in the long run.”

The canine flu outbreak is both more widespread and less controlled than a 2017 outbreak, which was linked to the importation of dogs from overseas by a rescue group and contained at a kennel site, according to LA County’s veterinary authorities.

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