Dog Owner Jumps to Rescue Beloved Pet but Gets Stuck in a Dangerous Situation Himself

When a man’s beloved dog fell into a dangerous river, he jumped into the water afterwards. Both of them were caught in the current while trying to save his furry friend. Fortunately, police teams came to the rescue quickly!

A New Yorker’s attempt to rescue his dog went south near 43rd Street and 12th Avenue this month. He proved he was ready to risk his own safety for the sake of his dog when he jumped into the Hudson River.

However, it quickly became dangerous for both of them. According to a post by the NYPD Special Ops team, the man’s dog accidentally fell into the murky water. They could not leave the river by themselves and needed help urgently.

A man clings to his dog as they are both towed away and rescued from a river | Photo: Twitter / NYPDSpecialops


NYPD Harbor and the ESU came to the crime scene where they found the man and his dog. The pet owner kept the dog from drowning but found himself in a difficult position. He struggled to stay afloat.

The duo longed to return to shore and luckily they were spotted by witnesses who then called a rescue team. The man and his dog were brought to safety. They were soaking wet and cold, but they were safe!

Great job by #NYPD Harbor & ESU rescuing a male who jumped into the Hudson River to retrieve his accidentally dropped dog. The male was unable to return to shore, the responsive staff quickly got both the man and his dog to safety.

– NYPD Special Ops (@NYPDSpecialops) July 17, 2021


This lucky duo has been screened and given the green light for their health. You escaped a potentially life-threatening incident thanks to the quick response teams! A similar incident occurred in Crawford County, Michigan.

In 2020, Heather Willobee noticed that her dog, Lucy, was facing a large bear. She was able to bring her dog inside, but soon realized that Lucy had been injured in the stalemate and needed medical attention.

A large brown bear wades through the water on the bank of the river | Photo: Pexels / Pixabay


While the bear was still outside her house, she made as much noise as possible and then made her way to the truck with Lucy. Fortunately, she made it to the vet who eventually saved her dog’s life.

Willobee warned others not to keep bird feeders near their homes. She believed that this attracted the bear and led to the argument with her dog. As bizarre as the story may sound, animals often need to be rescued.

A veterinarian gives medication to an injured dog lying on the operating table |  Photo: Pexels / Pranidchakan Boonrom

A veterinarian gives medication to an injured dog lying on the operating table | Photo: Pexels / Pranidchakan Boonrom


A deer was trapped in a soccer net in Massachusetts this month. Fortunately, one police officer responded to a call and saved the day by going the extra mile. He quickly untangled the net and paid the animal some attention.

Foxborough Police stated: “The frightened deer was comforted with some water before finally getting up and retreating into the woods.” Officer Ryan McGrath was one of the human heroes who showed up when an animal needed rescuing.

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