Dog nutraceutical trial in Mexico shows health benefits

The dog dietary supplement category emerged in Mexico during the pandemic lockdown when dog owners raised awareness of their dogs’ health needs.

Avivagen, a disruptive Canadian company, and its strategic partner, Meyenberg International Group, recently tested their flagship product in Mexico. Called Vivamune, it is a natural dietary supplement used to support the immune system and fight some ailments, including skin and hair problems.

This nutraceutical contains OxC-beta, a patented ingredient made from oxidized beta-carotenes, which has been shown to be effective in several tests worldwide, not only for dogs, but also for livestock.

Results of a nutraceutical study on 44 dogs

Triplethree International ran the pilot program with 44 dogs in three Mexican cities. The study consisted of giving the group of dogs Vivamune daily for at least three weeks in July 2021. The results of the study showed that Vivamune improved the overall health of the dogs, according to the pet owners surveyed.

Prior to the trial, less than half of the dogs had chronic or short-term ailment. Of this subgroup, almost all owners reported improvements in their dogs’ health after taking Vivamune. For example, two older dogs with little activity showed more vitality. One with allergies, another with anemia, and three other overweight dogs showed improved activity and vitality, according to their owners.

Three owners whose dogs were nervous said their condition improved after taking Vivamune. Finally, four dogs with skin and hair problems saw visible improvement, while one dog with urinary tract problems saw improvement in their condition.

The results are consistent with other studies conducted in Canada.

Dog treats now require functional benefits

With owners becoming more aware of the wellbeing of their dogs, functional dog treats, including those with natural ingredients, could soon be more in demand.

There is a wide variety of goodies on the market. Most, however, do not offer attributes designed to improve a dog’s wellbeing. Hence, the next wave of products is likely to require tangible pet health results.

Vivamune is an example of how scientific research and development is necessary to create disruptive products that fit into the next generation of dog supplements.

Iván Franco is the founder of Triplethree International and has contributed to hundreds of research projects for various consumer goods industries. He was named Global Consultant of the Year by Euromonitor International and is the author of the book 17 Market Strategies for Growth (in Spanish).

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