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Harrisburg, PA advocates continue to refer to Congress as “a voice for puppies in Pennsylvania.”

Agriculture Secretary Russell Reading and supporters including Vice President Gisele Fetterman, Senator Judy Schwank and Congressman Eddie Dei Pasinsky seek legislative support. Senate Law 232 and House Construction 526 ..

When the bill is passed, there will be a slight increase in dog handler license fees, which have not changed for more than 25 years.

Royalties crack down on illegal puppy mills and kennels, ensure the health and wellbeing of dogs in breed kennels, inspect licensed kennels and investigate dog bites, monitor and prosecute dogs, the source of funding for the office. Dangerous dogs investigate attacks on farm animals, compensate and protect farmers, and reunite lost dogs with their families.

The entire work of the dog law department is currently at least due to the financial crisis, since the department cannot fill the positions of important observers and the income continues to rise with increasing costs. It is not endangered because it can hardly keep up with the mandatory requirements of the limit.

In 2021, for the first time since its inception in 1893, the bureau was forced to rely on taxes provided by the state government.

“We are here today to contact lawmakers to ask lawmakers to save the canine law enforcement agency if they love dogs in Pennsylvania and want to protect their federal neighborhoods. “I will,” said Reading.

“We have warned for years that that day will come – when the office runs out of money and services are at stake. Dog licenses are cheaper than the cost of chew toys. Neighboring states charge up to US $ 20, and the national average annual license is US $ 10, “added the Agriculture Secretary.

“Today we’re joining dog lovers and supporters across the state looking to raise prices. They want their dogs to be loved, healthy, and happy. She wants to give lost dogs the opportunity to go home. Dogs spend their lives in kennels and they fall prey to dog bites defending them and dangerous dogs walk down the street. I hope I don’t run around. If that’s what you need, give a member of the diet a call, ”says Reading.

All dogs over 3 years of age must be licensed and the cost of the license has been $ 6.50 as of 1996.

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“The thought of abused and neglected dogs that may be overlooked without proper enforcement is heartbreaking,” said Second Lady Gisele Fetterman, wife of Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. It was.

“Our puppy Levi was chained for the first two years of his life. He was saved because there were resources to save him, ”he said.

Since the introduction of the current dog handler license fee in 1996, the dog population has increased by 7%, the number of kennels has increased by 19% and the number of annual controls of the kennels has increased. More than doubled. It rose 85 percent.

Despite the increased workload, Bureau is now working with 14 less dog guards.

If the Pennsylvania dog license fee is not collected, the agency must still use the taxpayer’s money to run the operation.

“Many people in the Commonwealth see their dogs as families. We are currently not doing enough at the state level to ensure their safety, ”said Schwank. It was.

“A modest increase in dog licenses will allow underfunded canine law enforcement agencies to provide the kind of supervision needed to ensure dog lovers are safe and healthy,” the state senate said. said Congressman Schwank.

The license fee for neutered / neutered dogs is set to increase from $ 6.50 to $ 10 per year, according to the state. In addition to increasing the license fee, the new law requires you to purchase a license by the age of 8 weeks if selling puppies is legal. Ideally, the previous licensing requirements would increase license sales and train new dog owners at the point of sale.

“Increasing dog license fees appropriately is the most logical solution to the problem dog law enforcement faces by collecting funds without spending taxpayers’ dollars. “Said Pasinsky.

House Bill 526 and Senate Bill 232 do just that by saving taxpayers millions of dollars, protecting dogs in kennels, protecting the public from dangerous dogs, and bringing stray dogs together with their families. You are getting the resources you need, and you can do all of these by increasing that price by about a dime a day, ”Pashinski added.

Pennsylvania Contact Your Lawmakers Then seek support for SB232 and HB526.

Dog handler license fees haven’t changed in 25 years, supporters want to change | Nation & world

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