‘Dog chef’ stuns owners with ‘creative’ gourmet meals for pets | Nature | News

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Daniel Tomas, the business owner when not busy preparing delicious meals for dogs, started his Chefs and Dogs brand to promote the benefits of feeding raw pet food. The stunning meals and desserts look like they could have been served in luxury restaurants, each made with specific fresh ingredients.

In the videos shared on Mr Tomas @chefsanddogs’ Instagram and TikTok accounts, the Australian dog chef shows off how he cooks every meal from scratch.

His gourmet meals include smoothie bowls, ramen, sushi, wagyu burritos, and even no-bake dog biscuits.

Mr Tomas’ brand hopes to educate and offer alternatives to food ideas to promote dog health and prevent disease.

Feeding pets a balanced diet of raw, healthy foods and treats helps strengthen their bones, immune systems, skin, and teeth, and can even give dogs a shinier coat and overall wellbeing.