Dog attacks in Ongwediva worrisome

Mary David

FIVE cases related to dog attacks were registered with Ongwediva Town Council within two months.

Town spokesperson Jackson Muma said the situation is alarming, hence Council’s intervention to kick-start a campaign for dog owners and the general public.

Muma said the educational campaign on how dogs should be handled will run until April 2022.

“The regulations on dog handling and control which has been presented to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development should be expedited to be enforced as a matter of urgency,” he said.

Muma added that Council will continue with its educational program to enhance the understanding of both dog owners and other residents of the importance of a safer environment where dogs are part of peaceful co-existence.

“We will also aim to strengthen the collaboration with other stakeholders regarding the issue of dealing with dogs in town in terms of the animals’ health and prevention of diseases,” he said.

The program will also educate children not to throw anything at dogs and the message will be taken to all schools.

Muma said signs should be erected at places where food is handled so people do not feed dogs there. This shall be used as a deterrent for dogs that come to town in search of food.

Although some residents are demanding that stray dogs must be put down as a matter of urgency, Council strongly believes this should be the last resort if the situation continues unabated.

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