Dog and Cat Mental Health: Have You Worried About It?

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Note that if your dog or cat is very calm it could be a sign that your mental health is deteriorating (Photo: Pexels / Alexandra Bilham / CreativeCommons)

They are pets. They are wonderful everyday companions and fill the lives of many who feel lonely or sad. But have you ever stopped thinking about mental health from a friend? This is not only a problem for humans, animals also feel the effects of the environment in which they live.

According to the vet Marina arrival, from Organnact, a company that researches and makes animal additives for the dogs that live in them. When it comes to cats, there is also a need to take care of cats, even if they are more independent. Therefore, pay attention to your routine behavior. Animal It is very important that you can promote good and its longevity.

Luxury, attention, affection, and frequent walks are all important for your pet (Photo: Pixabay / Creative Commons)

“Of course we shouldn’t equate that and we have to be treated,” says Marina.

Second, Miara Sarino, there are three ways to determine if your pet has any mental illness: behavior change, loss of appetite, self-mutilation, licking, excessive itching, and if they start breaking furniture when they’re alone.

If your pet has any of these behaviors, Mayara suggests creating a healthy and peaceful context for them to live in. First, dedicate a few hours of your day to be with him, take him for a walk and give him various and attractive toys as this will relieve the tension that has built up. Next, try to establish a routine of eating and physical activity. “It’s also important to make sure that the area is spacious, clean, and well-ventilated so that she can move around and protect herself from the rain and sun,” he adds.

A teacher's interaction with a pet affects the mental health of both (Photo: Pexels / Tranmautritam / CreativeCommons)

A teacher’s interaction with a pet affects the mental health of both (Photo: Pexels / Tranmautritam / CreativeCommons)

It is also important to be aware of the space available for your pet. Larger breeds need more space, while smaller breeds can live quietly in a small space. If you have a large dog in a smaller apartment, Mayara points out that you should start encouraging them to use up energy and take frequent walks.

at last, Dalton Ishikawa, a behavioral veterinarian, CEO and founder of Pet Games, notes that the behavior of pet owners can directly affect an animal’s mental health. His conclusion: “This social interaction has a great influence on both sides, both on the part of the teacher and on the part of the animal.”

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