Doctors missing in primary health center in Jabalpur, stray dog lives in hospital

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh): Doctors were missing from Chargawan’s primary health center, Jabalpur, and stray dogs were living in the hospital. The patients waited more than an hour for the doctors in the centers.

Netaram Rajak, a local resident, said four doctors have been appointed to the hospital, but they barely know the doctors’ arrival and departure times. The doctors left the hospital open without informing anyone and left the hospital. Even patients and ordinary people from the villages have not yet seen some of the hospital staff.

Another resident, Kiran Patel, says she is sick and waiting for the doctors. But doctors weren’t available in the hospital. Only the gates have been opened, but staff is not available.

Around 65,000 residents of 84 villages are dependent on the only primary health center in Chargawan. But the villagers are in trouble because of the lack of doctors and staff. If someone falls ill here, they have to rush to Jabalpur, 40 kilometers away, for treatment.

There is also a pathology laboratory in the health center, for which three technicians have been appointed. But these technicians have linked their appointment with the pathology laboratory in the city of Jabalpur. For this reason, the center’s laboratories were closed and the machines kept idle.

At the same time that Free Press tried to contact health officials, the official just said he would investigate the matter and hung up the call.

(with input from Shiv Choubey)

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Posted: Tuesday October 19, 2021 10:06 PM IST

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