Discover your dog’s DNA + get a lifetime DOGTV subscription at 70% off

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Have you ever wondered where your dog’s temperament comes from? The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test + DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription Bundle brings you technological advances that bring you closer to your pet.

While our beloved dogs cannot talk to us, there are ways to find out more about their needs. With a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, you will discover breed specifications and unique personality traits that you would otherwise not know about with a simple swab of your pet’s cheek. The kit comes complete with a detailed report that is ready in just two weeks after submitting your dog’s sample and even gives you insight into your dog’s genetic health problems and risk of certain diseases. It’s an excellent tool for any dog, but especially after you’ve accepted a rescue and find their past a mystery. As customer Ian Brock reviews: “What a great idea – learned so much about our rescue. I thought she was a labrador. She is a Boxer / Golden Retriever mix plus two other breeds.

When you get back to the office and find that your pup needs home entertainment more often, a lifetime subscription to DogTV can be key to keeping him happy. With years of research in the bag, the scientifically crafted content is aimed at your dog by stimulating his visual and auditory senses. The 24/7 channel works with their natural behaviors to make their time without their beloved owners more bearable and less stressful. It’s a win-win for pets and humans while they’re apart – day or night.

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The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test + DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription Bundle typically costs over $ 500 and is available today for just $ 147 with a 70% discount. Find out more about your dog and make him happier than ever with this discounted mega kit.

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