Discount Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kits at Twin Falls Animal Shelter

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘You need more cats in your life’, then you and yourself must come to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter for their spectacular cat event. Adult cats and kitten adoption fees are discounted so you can get one or more.

How much does it cost to adopt cats and kittens at the Twin Falls Shelter?

During this special cat and kitten adoption event at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, adult cat adoption is $ 9 and kitten adoption is $ 24. Adult cat adoptions are typically $ 24 and kittens are $ 63. There is currently no end date for cat sales so contact the shelter with any questions.

Are all of the animals in the Twin Falls shelter ready for a new home?

While most of the animals at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter are ready to move into new homes, there are some that aren’t quite ready just yet. They may be waiting for vaccinations, microchips, neutering or neutering, or working on temper tests to see how they behave around people and other animals.

All animals that are ready for adoption are restrained (neutered or neutered), vaccinated and microchipped.

How do you adopt the Twin Falls Animal Shelter?

To adopt an animal from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, you must first complete an online application. Once you have been approved to adopt one of the animals of your choice, the shelter will contact you to proceed from there. You can always go to the shelter to view and interact with the animals to see if they are suitable for you and your family.

Can I see Twin Falls adoptable dogs and cats online?

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter posts weekly pictures of cats and dogs ready for adoption. You can see that Dogs in this photo gallery on Facebook and the cats that are ready for a home in this Facebook gallery.

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